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First favorites

This is such a fun challenge but also very, well, challenging for me because I didn't really watch much TV or movies or anything and wasn't much in fandom as a kid. Basically, when I think of a show and am like "I definitely watched this as a little kid" it generally came out when I was like 12 or so, lol. So these are not necessarily the things I was into when I was small, just the ones I liked the most when I was the smallest I remember. I was going to make more graphics but ran out of time, lol.


This was a movie series about a princess who pretends to be a man to beat a rival prince to bring peace to the kingdom. There's some challenges and I most remember there being a big beast that tries to eat her and then she beats it by making it barf her out. That was really impressive to my 9 year old self, lol. It ends with the prince realizing that she's a woman and obviously marrying her. I wasn't much impressed with that, but yeah, I did love Fantaghiro a lot.

I remember watching it with my sister and mother and really liking it. The idea of dressing as a boy / man very much appealed to me, so that was definitely a draw. I also remember there were a lot of German actors in it that my mother really liked, which is why we watched it in the first place (I think). I don't remember too much but I really liked it and definitely talked about it a lot with my family. (174 words)

Yoko Tsuno
While I didn't much watch TV, the one thing I did do was read. I would go to the local library all the time and get as many books and comic books as possible. They only had comic books like Spirou and Fantasio and Tin Tin, not superhero comics, so those are what I grew up with and loved. Most of all, it was Yoko Tsuno. A Japanese tech expert solving crime and meeting aliens and time travelers? Sign me up!

I loved Yoko, I loved Khany and Poky and most of all, I loved Mona (hehe, I mean, it is my name, so…). The idea of time traveling was so appealing to me even back then and doing it basically just for fun as Mona does in the later books, I was super into it. The Time Spiral was my favorite comic but I also loved everything with the Vineans, especially when they return to their planet and Khany's family gets revealed, that was so cool. I stopped reading them at some point, so I'm not familiar with the new books, but I still hold the old ones in very high regard.

She-Ra Princess of Power
Okay, so I'm mostly including this because I just binge watched all of the last season of the reboot and it was absolutely amazing! [spoilers ahead!]The way they used light and nature as metaphors, the way everyone got a hug, the way everything ended on such an amazingly happy note, like, wow, it just felt so so nice. But I also did watch the original show when I was small, and this time I actually mean small, because my father would lend it from the video store and we would watch an episode (movie? I couldn't really find out how the VHS distribution in Germany worked, and I don't remember enough to know how long it was) together.

I remember really enjoying it even though I don't remember any of the plot or characters at all apart from vaguely She-Ra's transformation and what she said during it (in German, lol) and Loo-Kee, whom I adored as a kid, I loved looking for him throughout the show and was always so proud when I saw him. I was so happy that they included him in the new show. I also really loved Kowl and funny enough, before I looked this up, I apparently put both of them together, making one flying colorful creature who always hides and shows up at the beginning and end, lol. But it's two and I love them both.

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