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Challenge 5: Beach Party

A Create a fanfic of their day at the beach (300 words minimum)

Harley Begged mister J to go to the beach everyday for a week until he was pulling his green hair out . so He gave in dragging her by the pigtails "Come on then Harley " she squeled in delight , smattering big red lipstick kisses all over his white and makeup covered face . Harley even got a new black and red swimsuit just for this ocassion , Joker was already bored and they had not even left his lair yet . they took the purple lamborgini because Harley wanted everyone in Gotham to see that she was being treated to a day at the beach she grabbed him and ran to the beach with him in toe . , He was just going to hope this wasn't to embarssing and none of the other villiens and well batman would show up here. though he knew he was not going to be so lucky when he saw ivy green skin and a barely there red bikini and noticed how Harley ran over to her . " hiya Ivy How are you sweetheart " she asked and hugged her , Hi harlz so your back with the clown again she asked , Joker pulled harley off of her Oh love muffin he said in his mencing way shell we go swimming You did say you wanted to Right , ? she nodded h oh yes my puddin come with me " she squeled and took his hand and she thought to herself that sometimes Mister J her puddin could be so sweet and maybe he was even a little jealous of her and ivy friendship , well she wanted to push it down as she spashed her clown prince and he pulled her roughly to her and kissed her deeply in the fresh beach water of Gotham , so what was with you being all nice all of a sudden do you have a plan a brewing that needed to happen at the beach today Mista J " he smiled " something like that just you wait and see .
the end

C Snap Shots Picspam (4 or more images taken on their beach day)

D Postcard (simple banner of 450px300p)
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