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Challenge 5: Beach Day

Title: B33CH
Fandom: Futurama
Rating: G
Word Count: 393 words

Planet Express dropped off the delivery of 1700 inflatable beach balls to Beta 33 Chi, also known as the Beach Planet, and they had some time to kill before they needed to be back to Earth so she allowed the crew some time to relax. She changed into her bathing suit, black with a trendy cut out around her belly button, but then put a big, baggy t-shirt over it and paired it with a wide brimmed (very very wide) thatched hat and specialty sunglasses (with only one lens). Out on B33CH, Fry and Bender had already run into the ocean without so much as stopping to drop their towels. Fry came out of the surf sopping wet and shook his towel out as if it could dry magically.

"Give me that," Leela said and ripped the towel from his hands so she could dry it with the Auto-Dry-Matic. She just so happened to have one on the ship and knew it would come in handy at some point. "Now sit down and don't forget to put on your suntan lotion."

"Don't you mean sunscreen?" Fry asked. Beside him, Bender was rubbing a thick black liquid over his metal body, squirting it from a tube that read Mom's Suntan Lotion for Friendly Robots. Leela produced a bottle of Shatner's Suntanning Lotion 5.0 and squirted the orange lotion into her hands.

"Why would you want to screen the sun?" she asked as she rubbed the lotion into her arms. They tanned right before their eyes. "Suntan lotion makes the UV rays extra powerful so you get tan immediately." Fry was pretty sure that UV rays were what gave him sunburn back in the 20th century but who was he to question this 30th century science? He put his hand out for some his own.

Hours later when they returned to the ship, Leela had a pale ring around her eye where her sunglasses had been all day, Bender was a richer shade of silver, and Fry was as red as his favorite zippered jacket.

"I don't know what happened!" Leela said as he gingerly lowered himself into a seat. "Your skin must be incredibly sensitive to the sun from being frozen for 100 years."

"Yeah," Fry agreed, every part of his skin in pain. "It's okay Leela. Let's just get home."

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