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Challenge 02: Heists!

What if our favourite criminals (Parker, Hardison and Eliot from Leverage) came across a witch in distress and her Magic Police friend (Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter from Harry Potter)? You'd get a magical heist, of course!

The Free Sharky Job

Our players (AKA Team Free Sharky):
  • Parker (Leverage): Mastermind
  • Alec Hardison (Leverage): Hacker
  • Eliot Spencer (Leverage): Hitter
  • Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter): String Puller
  • Harry Potter (Harry Potter): Magic Support

    Hardison's Power Point Presentation

    “Okay, guys, can I get some attention here? Hello? Parker? I know magic is exciting and all, but I'm talking here! Guys, come o--*whistle* Right, thank you, Eliot. Now that we're all listening, let's get this briefing on the road.“

    “Now, when Luna approached us about these little babies, not all of us were aware of magic. I’m not saying this because I’m bitter that both of you knew, I’m just saying that it’s not nice to leave your partner out of the loop about this stuff, okay? Details matter. You couldn’t have dropped a ‘oh, hey, btw magic is real’ into the conversation at some point?! *clears throat* Okay, it’s fine. I’m over it. *deep breath* So, these little guys. About the size of my hand and as creepy as they are cute. They’re good in potions, apparently? But also a species that would be on the red list of endangered species, if, you know, people knew it existed. And according to Luna, our mark is the one catching and selling them on the underground potions market.”

    "He is. He's responsible for the Great Balloon-Headed Twinkler and the Lesser Pin-Headed Twinkler dying out."

    "Those animal names sounds fake as hell, but I'll take it. Let's take a look at the mark."

    “Aaron Rookwood, 56, cousin to some kind of magical terrorist which already tells you everything you need to know about this guy and his family. He’s a squid--”


    “Right, squib. Thank you, Harry. He’s a squib, so he can’t do magic, and I figure he’s kind of pissed off about it. He’s been using his contacts in the magical world to smuggle rare potions ingredients in and out of Britain. According to Harry, the Magic Police--”

    “Auror office.”

    “That’s what I said. Anyway, they can’t pin anything on him because his entire business is non-magical. Honestly, I don’t think these guys would even know what a computer is, let alone how to switch it on. Unfortunately for him, I do know my way around a computer...”

    “Roodwood’s base of operations is off the coast of Cornwall, and as luck would have it, Harry’s brother-in-law and his family live there.”

    “Bill and his family are visiting Fleur’s parents in France; we can use it for the next four days.”

    “Okay, so we’re on a tight schedule. Parker, do you have any ideas yet about how we’re gonna pull this off?”

    “Rookwood’s cover is that of a fisherman - people probably know he’s smuggling something, but not what exactly. His cover allows him to be out on the water during the early hours of the morning. The problem we have is two-fold: we need to get into his hideout - a cave only accessible from the water, and we need to be able to get all the freaky little sharks out safely. Luna, you’re going to find somewhere to put these sharks once we’ve stolen them. Harry, we’re going to need your magic to get us in and out of this cave. Hardison, you go into Rookwood’s computer, find whatever evidence you need - or forge it if you can’t find it - and make sure it’s printed in a way that Harry’s cop friends can read and use in their arrest. Eliot, I’m going to need to you to get Rookwood out of the way. We can’t have him interfere, so, I don’t know, just get him out of the way.”

    “Man always has dinner at the local pub. Low tide is around six pm tomorrow, just when Rookwood should be sitting down to eat.”

    “Great, so I’ll start a bar fight. You might have to bail me out of the local prison tomorrow.”

    “That’s fine - your cover ID shouldn’t ping any alerts. It’s not like the village cop is going to have facial recognition software.”

    “All right, you all know your jobs - get to them. Harry, you’re with me; we’re going to work out how to break into a cave and steal a bunch of sharks.”

    “Shouldn’t we have codenames? You know, to communicate?”

    “You have my earbuds, you don’t need codewords.”

    “Did I mention that magic and electricity don’t go so well together?”

    “Fine, Harry. What codename do you want?”

    “Oh, I’ll be Prongslet. Luna can be Moonchild. And I thought you’re definitely Smarty, because you’re so smart, and Parker is Blondie because--”

    “She’s blonde?”


    “What about Eliot?”

    “Hmm. He’s difficult.”

    “*chuckle* Yeah, you’re not wrong. Personally, I like Mr. Punchy. You know, ‘cause he likes punching people. And it’s literally his job.”

    “Sure, he’s Mr. Punchy.”

    “And Mr. Punchy’s going to punch the both of you if you don’t shut up! Codenames! What is this, James Bond? Just use your names, dumbasses.”


    "Now what do we have here? Hmm, interesting. Accounts and merchandise lists. Yes, come to papa, you beautif--aaaargh! What are--you're Aaron Rookwood! And you're home! Early! Um, so I can explai--oh you have a gun. Nice. It's a great, big gun. I'm--is it a little hot in here? Maybe I could just open a windo--oh, okay, so I'm not moving. At all. I'm staying right here, quietly. *whispering* Eliot! Where the hell are you?!"

    “Whatcha doin’?”

    “Hmm? Oh, just finishing my paperwork on the last job.”

    “Paperwork? There is no paperwork!”

    “Maybe not for you. But I keep a record of all our jobs. Makes it easier if we run into something similar.”

    “Cool. ... How much longer are you gonna be? Eliot’s making meat loaf and it’s taking forever. I’m booooored.”

    “All right. I think I’m done now. Did you see the article Harry and Luna sent?”

    “Calmly and maturely? Eliot said you shrieked like a banshee.”

    “The guy had a gun, Parker! I’m not a fan of guns!”

    “None of us are. I’m sorry I made fun of you. ... Did I tell you about the sharks? How they glowed? It was the coolest thing. And it was absolutely magical, not just bioluminescence. They glowed all sort of colours: blue and purple and red and green and yellow and orange. Harry said it was probably a warning signal to predators, but it was just so pretty. The whole net sparkled and shined with colours as Luna pulled it up.”

    “Aww, it sounds pretty. But remind me to scrub the net of any mention of it, in case anyone saw.”

    “Sure. Now show me that article Luna sent!”

    “Hapless muggles?! We’re the ones who solved this case! We could have done it without magic.”

    “I know, babe.”

    “Let’s not show this to Eliot.”

    “Think he’s gonna be mad that they called him a hapless muggle and made it sound like Harry did this whole job by himself? ... Yeah, good idea. Let’s not show him this.”

    [[You can watch Hardison's Power Point Presentation online!]]

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