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Challenge 5: Beach Party

A Create a fanfic of their day at the beach (300 words minimum)

Leverage; Hardison, Parker & Eliot at the beach; ca. 470 words:

"Ugh, Parker? Babe? What are you doing?" Hardison jumped up and quickly brought some space between him, Parker and the jellyfish in her hand. "What the hell, Parker?!"

Parker grinned. "It's a jellyfish, look!" She lightly shook her hands, making the gelatinous animal jiggle in response.

Hardison gagged.

Parker frowned up at him. "Are you afraid of the jellyfish?"


She laughed.

"Hey, how about you go and see what else you can find that'll creep Hardison out?"

Parker threw the jellyfish into Hardison's general direction and took off back to the waterline.

"Was that really necessary?" Hardison glared at Eliot and slowly returned to his towel, picking up the laptop he'd dropped in his earlier escape. "Aw, man, look at this. There's sand in the keyboard! I'm gonna have to deep clean this when we get home."

Eliot grinned. "Why'd you bring your laptop to a day on the beach anyways? Are you gonna take it swimming with you?"

Hardison looked up at Eliot's mischievous tone and hugged the laptop close. "Don't you dare, Eliot!"

Eliot laughed. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna throw it in the water." He glanced at Hardison. "Might throw you in, though."

Hardison scoffed. "I just don't see why we have to be outside on a day like today."

Eliot rolled his eyes. "Yeah, what was I thinking? Sunshine, summer - obviously we should have stayed in and played elves on the computer."

"Orcs and--you know what, that doesn't even matter. Why don't you go and keep Parker company for a while?"

Eliot rolled his eyes again, but got to his feet and headed for the water. He talked to Parker for a moment before he started swimming. Hardison watched for a while - Eliot seemed to swim laps from the beach to a buoy and back while Parker had found a playmate in the form of a six-year-old with a bucket and a little shovel. They were busy digging in the sand and giggling.

Hardison sighed. It wasn't that he didn't like the beach... yeah, no, who was he kidding? He really didn't like the beach. If he wanted to swim, he could do it in a nice, clean pool without all sorts of slimy or sharp-toothed or downright creepy wildlife to touch him. He turned back to his laptop, bobbing his head to the tune of their beach playlist.

He didn't notice Parker at first, but he did feel the drops of water dripping on him from above, and when he turned his head, Parker was grinned at him. "Eliot started a water fight. I need you to back me up."


"He's fighting dirty."

"I am not! Hardison, you and me against Parker, what do you say?"


Without waiting for a real response, Parker and Eliot each grabbed Hardison by one hand and dragged him into the water.

B Fan mix (front and back cover with 5 songs including links)

1. Under the Boardwalk (The Drifters) - Eliot ("I sang this for a girl once.") | YouTube
2. Island in the Sun (Weezer) - Hardison | YouTube
3. Soak Up The Sun (Cheryl Crow) - Hardison ("you can't go wrong with Cheryl Crow!") | YouTube
4. Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys) - Eliot ("it's a classic beach song!") | YouTube
5. Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid OST) - Parker ("Music? I don't do music. Okay, fine. What's that song from that movie about the mermaid and the evil octopus?") | YouTube
[Bonus] 6. Escape (The Pina Colada Song) (Rupert Holmes) - Parker ("Oh, hey, I know another one! The one about pina coladas! That's fun." - "Babe, that's a song about cheating." - "*shrugs* It's easy to sing along with.") | YouTube

C Snap Shots Picspam (4 or more images taken on their beach day)

D Postcard (simple banner of 450px300p)

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